Bookkeeping Education Opportunities

The financial record of any business or company is extremely important for tax and monetary purposes. Working to accurately record all data to have formal documentation on money transactions makes up the field of bookkeeping. Through educational study students learn how to contribute to a business by working with their funds.

Invoices, bank statements, pay slips, and payroll expenditures are some areas recorded by a bookkeeper. They record this information in a general ledger, which allows them to correctly produce a financial statement for managers. Working through a degree program leaves students with several education options.

The undergraduate degree options include:

*Certificate Program

This is a common way to learn the required information to become a bookkeeper. Since professionals in this career are expected to have a wide knowledge base a certificate program will cover not only accounting techniques but use of the industry’s computer programs. A math-based curriculum integrated with business procedures and economics is also focused on. Coursework on business law, payroll, and computerized accounting are some topics discussed over the duration of a certificate program. Many students choose to become certified through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers to gain a competitive edge to have more employment opportunities.

*Associate’s Degree

Many students decide to work through an associate’s degree program to gain the best preparation to become a bookkeeper. With the amount of similar job duties and information needed to perform accounting, students can enter a degree in this area as well. Entering a bookkeeping degree or accounting degree usually comes down to what college students are attending. A bookkeeping degree focuses on the same material but may break it down into more centralized courses. The courses completed include general education, basic computer education and courses on taxation and computer accounting. Students will find that whether they opt to enroll in an accounting or bookkeeping associate’s degree program that they will receive the same education and be able to enter a career as a bookkeeper.

Typical courses in a degree program include:

The course teaches students about double entry accounting that is used inside a business. The practices to settle accounts with a bank statement are covered along with payroll issues.

Payroll taxes are covered in regards to accounting procedure. The requirements for filling all federal, state, and local taxes and gross income are emphasized.

*Managerial Accounting
Students will apply their knowledge of accounting data and use it to create a strategic plan for a business’s accounting system.

Furthering education can be obtained but most often is only pursued by students that want to transition into becoming an accountant. Students can work through a program in two-years or less and step into a business and become a bookkeeper. Take advantage of schooling and start training to record all monetary funds for a business. Accredited bookkeeping colleges offer different paths depending on the career goal of students. Full accreditation is awarded to programs that offer a quality education, by agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools

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