3 Pros & Cons About Studying Abroad

So you just finished high school, you’ve got your cert and you’re only too happy to finally savor some freedom. For those who want an exciting tertiary education, studying abroad will give you the maximum amount of new experiences that cannot be achieved through local education.

Perhaps you have a few countries in mind – like dynamic Australia, scenic New Zealand or even vibrant Asia. Whether you plan to head to further your studies in the cool Pacific or exotic Asia, it will be a very good idea never to underestimate foreign terrain.

Ready to jet? Here’s the good news – AND bad news to look out for before you start travelling:

1) Living Away from Home

The Good News:
You’ll get to immerse yourself in a whole, new culture and live the way locals do. Not to mention, your spare time and weekends will allow you to have fun in a relaxing manner that most jam-packed tourist itineraries can hardly achieve. Chances are that you’ll also meet local friends who can bring you around and explore the country with.

The Bad News:
Nobody likes the hassles of managing personal finances like paying bills and figuring out where’s the best place to live. Not knowing the place well can leave you in for some nasty surprises – like discovering that the lodging you paid a full year’s rent for happens to be in an unsavory part of town. Thorough prior planning and research through blogs, reviews and forums will pay off when you start your life in another country.

2) Maintaining a Social Life

The Good News:
Studying abroad gives you the advantage of making new friends from overseas. It might be daunting as it seems like you’re starting your social life all over again, but school would give you the perfect chance to mingle with like-minded people who can teach you their native languages.

The Bad News:
While you’re over in another country juggling classes, projects and friends, it gets easy to neglect your folks at home. Don’t be a stranger! Call and email your family and friends back in your hometown once in awhile. You don’t want to return home feeling awkward with people waiting for a good explanation for your long silence.

3) Job Hunting

The Good News:
If you’re studying in a country you’ve always wanted to work in, good for you! Your time in the country while pursuing the degree will allow you to send out résumés and attend interviews. Don’t be afraid to take up internships and freelance work to enhance your portfolio if you’re feeling unprepared.

The Bad News:
Although getting an extra income is tempting, it can distract you from your studies. Make sure you’re able to cope with the additional stress before you start sending out job applications.

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